Ann Wassermann

Profile Updated: August 12, 2010
Ann Wassermann
Residing In: Salt Lake City, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Diane Redden just celebrated twentieth anniversary
Occupation: Attorney
Children: Too many to count.
Current child is a puppy weighing in at 100 pounds, a Great Dane named Aggie More…(what else?) She's so well-behaved when she's asleep
Yes! Attending Reunion

After going to school in New York City, I returned to Salt Lake where I have practiced family law for way too many years. I have specialized in custody and juvenile court neglect matters, and increasingly represent grandparents who are experiencing the joy of raising children for a second time. I think it's best that I stuck with puppies.

School Story:

I will never forget the look on Marilyn Drake's face when she was exposed as the person who stole the pineapple in Larry Haslam's class. Speaking of Mr. Haslam, I reflect fondly back on the days of torturing his student teachers, hoping they would quit and give us our teacher back. Does the name Mr. Francom ring a bell? We really were fortunate to have some great teachers: Larry Haslam, Richard Bradford, Margaret Obray, Linda Smith, LaMar Anderson (I think he invented Lamarity, a relative of molarity) and Harry Kemp, to name a few. And who can forget Sgt. Benway? I really liked that hard headed guy.
I also treasure the memory of Leo Johnson telling my brother that "they" were afraid of letting me be the editor of the newspaper because of a radical story I wrote on the advent of jumbo straws (students, we interrupt your class to tell you that we have new jumbo straws and you only get to take one. One! Now back to your studies)
Perhaps "they" were right.

Finally, this reunion I assume has prompted all of us to reflect on our classmates who have died. The first was Steve Howell, whose death just days before graduation was a shock to our naievety, and who forced us to think about the reality of exclusion. The death of Carolyn Walstrom was a tragedy, and a tragic coincidence for me, as the plane in which she was flying crashed into the World Trade Center, where my best friend from law school died. The death this week of Cheryl Russell, who was a Logan City judge, is a sad way to start the reunion week.

Originally I didnt intend to attend the reunion, but now I am truly looking forward to it. I still won't be a homecoming queen, but if any of your spouses want to dump you, I may be the most popular person there.

I already said finally, so now I will say "lastly", my thanks go to the members of the reunion committee, who have been rewarded for their popularity in high school by inheriting the responsibility to organize this whole thing. Thanks guys! I'm sure I voted for all of you.

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Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
Jan 10, 2020 at 2:35 AM
Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
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Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
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Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
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Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
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Ann Wassermann has a birthday today.
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